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24. 02. 2022

Exhibition 25.02 – 30.04 2022 organized by The Royal Danish Library, The Black Diamond, Copenhagen

Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1221 Copenhagen K

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Opening Thursday 24th of February at 4:30 pm The exhibition DISPLACED is open to the public From 25th February – 30th April 2022 DISPLACED, Tina Enghoff in collaboration with David Samuel Naeman Josef Kristoffersen focuses on Denmark’s colonial times in Greenland through a personal story raising a range of topical questions about as-yet untold stories and the role of archives in a postcolonial context. Curated by Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz


Tina Enghoff

Tina Enghoff, DK is a visual artist whose work addresses social and political issues. She has exhibited widely at national and international museums and galleries. Her primary media are photography and video, and in recent years she has also developed outreach projects in Denmark, Norway and Kalaallit Nunaat/Greenland. She is a member of the steering committee for Siunissaq, and co-founder of the Art and Social Communities initiative.

David Samuel Naeman Josef Kristoffersen

David Samuel Naeman Josef Kristoffersen., GL was born on March 7th 1946 in Papikatsuk, Nanortalik, Greenland. In the early 1950s he was sent to Denmark to be treated for suspected Calvé-Legg-Perthes syndrome, a childhood hip disorder. The dates and duration of David’s time in Denmark are the experiences and memories of a child recalled in adulthood, something respected throughout the exhibiton. Displaced is about events from David’s perspective, and it is David’s perception of time that is important – how he experienced being abducted and kept in Denmark for a very long time. His hospital case notes say: “The boy arrived alone to Denmark from Greenland.”
When David returned to Nanortalik in the mid-1950s he had lost much of his mother tongue.