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Our body is a soft corresponding matter endlessly colliding with something, someone, expanding and dissolving the border of the self. It conflicts with the calendar; time is disrupted here and elsewhere, that’s why we must speak about our labor otherwise. We walk a dogwalk on many legs and grounds. The senses frame the document of this passing with, through, and by. The touch, sound, optical flow, muscle memory, desire, the intimacy of the fact, becoming in various speeds, image, word. Sometimes words crash, sometimes not…in other words, we would say that..
as already mentioned, DOGWALK is a platform and publisher that is run by artists who are based in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and The Hague. Our collective consists of Tina Enghoff, Kent Klich, Nicolai Schmelling and Anastasija Kiake.
This space is dedicated to interdisciplinary socially engaged practices, that are focused on relational approaches to art, research, and collectivity.
We see this place as one that is never fully accomplished or fixed to a specific form, location,​ and/or time, but rather as an open invitation for the unresolved, disruptive, and ever moving.
The space of the platform is open to collaborations and contributions. We work towards collecting and publishing a broad variety of perspectives on current social and political discourses that are rooted in the past as much as in the present, simultaneously with seeking strategies of reparation, civil governance, and community building.



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