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Artist talk, GZA

19. 05. 2021

Hosted by Havremagasinet, Boden Sweden.

Norrbottensvägen 18, 961 36 Boden, Sweden


Artist Talk Muhammad Shehada and Kent Klich

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Artist talk with Kent Klich and special guest Muhammad Shehada. Hosted by Havremagasinet, Boden Sweden. Kent Klich has since the early 2000s photographed in Gaza. The result of this is several photo books and projects such as: Gaza Photo Album (2009), Killing Time (2013). Black Friday (2015) and Gaza Works (2019).


Muhammad Shehada

Muhammad Shehada is a writer journalist and activist from Gaza living in Lund, Sweden. He was formerly head of PR at Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitors office in Gaza. He is now a student of developmental studies as well as a writer for Israeli newspaper Hareetz. He is also featured in several international publications for his work on the situation in Gaza.

Kent Klich

Kent Klich’s Gaza International Airport on land and air is one of the current exhibitions on view at Havremagasinet. The exhibition tells the story of the once Active civilian airport in Gaza. The airport opened 1998 but closed due to Israeli bombing 2001 and has been closed ever since. The airport represents the Palestinian dream of free movement. Gaza was occupied by Israel during the six day war of 1967, the occupation was formally ended in 2005 but since Hamas was elected to government in Gaza Israel was upheld the blockade of the area, limiting movement of goods and people, despite international criticisms. During the last few days we have been witness to a terrible escalation in Gaza and Israel with evictions of Palestinian families in east Jerusalem, rocket attacks by Hamas and bombings of Gaza by Israeli air force.