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The Role of the Archive in the Postcolonial Society

26. 04. 2022

Artist Talk organized by The Royal Danish Library, The Black Diamond, Copenhagen

Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1221 Copenhagen K


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The role of the archive in the postcolonial society. 26.04.2022 at 7 pm. (see link) Hardenberg, Seiding and Enghoff will this evening talk about the role of the archive itself in a postcolonial context and about people with colonial history embedded in the body, reproduced through generations. An archive contains documents that tell about the past and can shed light on decisions and relationships years back. What are the consequences if important parts of the archive do not exist at all in the country in question? This is the case in Greenland, where the archives from the colonial era are often found in Denmark, and are therefore inaccessible to people in Greenland - although the archives are most often about Greenlandic conditions.


Julie Edel Hardenberg (Paneeraq)

Julie Edel Hardenberg (Paneeraq), Greenland: Hardenberg was born and raised in Nuuk, Greenland, where she also lives today. She examines processes around mental detachment / colonization and reproduction of colonial power structures / thought patterns. In addition to exhibitions, artwork in public spaces and positions of trust, she has produced several award-winning and recognized books, and has, among other things. received the Henry Heerup Honorary Scholarship. She is a trained visual artist in Finland, Norway and England with an MA in Art Theory and Communication at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Inge Høst Seiding

Inge Høst Seiding, Greenland: Seiding has a PhD in Arctic culture and society and is head of the Department of Culture, Language and History at Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland. She has for a number of years worked as head archivist at Nunatta Katersugaasivia Allagaateqarfialu, Greenland National Museum and Archives, and has researched mixed families and marriages in Greenland in the 19th century and later on topics such as archives, colonial history and cultural heritage in colonial and postcolonial contexts.

Tina Enghoff

Tina Enghoff, Denmark, is a visual artist whose work addresses social and political issues. She has exhibited widely at national and international museums and galleries. Her primary media are photography and video, and in recent years she has also developed outreach projects in Denmark, Norway and Kalaallit Nunaat/Greenland. She is a member of the steering committee for Siunissaq, and co-founder of the Art and Social Communities initiative.