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Anastasija Kiake


Dutch Landscape

30. 01. 2022






This is a poem about soil, the color blue,​ and a lot of waves, all kind of waves. I’ve been walking for hours around the sites that I would visit repeatedly. I thought that my body in that way by touching, feeling, sensing could draw a map of the Dutch infrastructure of remote warfare, specifically focusing on military drones, but my map works against itself, it collapses the same way as my language often does. This a matter of something that is neither hidden nor transparent, as I can go there, and I can touch the soil of the grounds that its architecture is built upon and at the same time knowing that I cannot know to what degree geography in these cases is stretched and warped. These surfaces are here and somewhere else, in the spatial sense but also in the sense of time, because the past already happened in the future here. Maybe the legal system in that sense is the most advanced time machine that I will ever know, the inscribed past as a projection of the im/possible future of security and destruction.

The film “Dutch Landscape” is developed from a shorter first version “Kind of Blue” that was shown at and written for “The war of tomorrow: How are novel military technologies changing modern conflicts?” online symposium, 11-02-2021, that was supported by PAX for Peace and Open Society Foundation.